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What Sets Roosterly Apart from Other Content Curation Websites?

What Sets Roosterly Apart from Other Content Curation Websites?

If you are a professional looking to expand your network and get your name out there, what you need is content curation. Content curation is a valuable yet time-consuming aspect of content marketing. You will share valuable insights from different sources on your social media accounts. With your busy schedule, the best way to make the process easier is to use services of content curation platforms.

Roosterly, the leading content curation platform for professionals, is here to solve your curation needs. Of all the content curation websites on the market, we will satisfy your requirements with the least amount of effort expected on your part. So why should you use Roosterly?

Linked In Content Curation Platform for Professionals


1. Roosterly Is Geared Towards Professionals.

This is our edge: we provide content marketing services that fit the unique needs and requirements of professionals. Many professionals make the mistake of using content curation websites that are not specifically intended for professionals.

Individual professionals move in different social media spheres and share content different from what other sectors like students would share. In other words, you need a content curation platform for professionals that understands your unique needs and how best to address these needs.

Content Curation Websites Boost Social Media Following

Roosterly is built with people like you in mind. Individual professionals who find little time to regularly network with social media connections yet need to come across as an expert that’s knowledgeable in your field. Thus, we know what kinds of sources to share on your social media accounts to establish you as a leader in your domain.

We have tools and the know-how for searching for the most relevant sources to share on your social media accounts. We know the in and out of growing a network on LinkedIn and other social media sites. So you can leave the task to use worry-free.

2. We Provide a Monthly Report of Key Performance Indicators.

We are the most productive content curation platform for professionals. This is possible because we provide a thorough, factual monthly report that shows you various indicators that measure performance. Some of the KPIs are the amplification rate or the average number of shares for each post.

Average engagement rate or the percentage of your total social media audience that in any manner engages with your published content per month. Also, the share of engagement or how your brand’s metrics fare against your competitors, and more. We’ll even help you make sense of the numbers so you can get the most out of these reports.

These monthly reports will give you the peace of mind that we are doing our job, and we’re doing it well.

3. Use Our Content Curation Platform for Professionals.

Linked In Content Curation Platforms

One reason why some professionals hesitate to use content curation websites is the fear of social media post blunders. At Roosterly, you will provide us with your topics of interest and keywords, and we’ll start curating related content.

That does not mean that we’ll leave you out of the picture. We give you the option to review curated posts before we post them. This will allow you to stay on top of your social media efforts completely.

Content curation platform for professionals have become an integral part of any content marketing strategy. It provides various benefits to professionals such as building your personal brand, engaging your audience, increasing your social media visibility, and establishing you as a go-to resource in your industry.

At Roosterly, we give you these benefits while allowing you to step back. You focus on your already filled schedule and check back in to see that we’re doing what we promised.

These things and more set Roosterly apart from all the other content curation websites you will find.


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