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What is a Content Marketing Platform and Who Needs It?

What is a Content Marketing Platform and Who Needs It?

Content marketing is not new to us. Simply put, it’s the act of marketing your created articles and gathered information to reach as many consumers as possible. You can use many marketing channels such as social media, email, and even traditional channels like TV or radio. However, before you do that you need to come up with a sound marketing strategy. It needs to tell you what your core message is, what your preferred channels are, and how you will measure success.

A new concept related to marketing is emerging called a content marketing platform. However, many are left confused on what it actually means.

Roosterly's Content Marketing Platform

What Is a Content Marketing Platform?

A CMP is a software solution that consolidates all of the processes marketers undergo from conceiving ideas for articles to measuring the success of the marketing campaign. In this software, users can handle and also manage all of the processes involved in coming up with a content marketing strategy. This includes production of the articles, distribution of them, and analyzing the performance of the information.

In other words, a content marketing and syndication platform lets your marketing team manage your article processes all in one place.

What Are the Benefits of a Content Marketing Platform?

Marketing teams are all too aware of the difficulties of switching from different software and applications for different stages of marketing. Using different software for the different processes risks losing critical information. Also at risk is not staying in sync with each other’s progress, and confusion. This is no surprise when marketers use on average 16 different tools to manage their teams.

A content marketing platform will allow your team to centralize and streamline content marketing processes, which leads to greater efficiency and quality.

Can You Use a CMP for Content Curation?

Content curation is your best friend if you’re having problems in coming up with original content all the time. Honestly, who doesn’t? Content curation allows you to collect and also consolidate relevant content from the best sources into one article, eliminating the need to come up with original ideas without sacrificing originality and usefulness.

A CMP for curation will take the process up a notch. Let’s take our platform for example. Roosterly will do all the content curation processes for you. Our CMP will do the researching for you, saving time and effort on your part. We will consolidate these materials into a useful article. We will even post the curated contents on your social media profiles.

In other words, Roosterly will make your content curation and creation tasks a tad bit easier. Which means freeing up your time to do other things you need and love.

Content Marketing Platform is Crucial to Saving Time and Making Money

A good content marketing and syndication platform will take your marketing efforts up a notch. It will let you streamline your process for more efficient execution of your content marketing strategy. If your team is into using content curation, you will benefit from a curation platform. It handles all of the processes involved in coming up with a great piece of curated information. In this age of digital marketing, using a cutting edge content marketing platform and software solutions is often the factor that separates small business from the pros.


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