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Top Social Media Sites: Where Should You Put Your Business?

Top Social Media Sites: Where Should You Put Your Business?

It’s no question that with the big social media boom, businesses are hopping on the social media train to connect with potential customers and advertise their product.

From the many sites, all that do different things, getting your business involved and relevant on social media can, without a doubt, boost sales, visibility, and increase your range of customers way better than a regular site ad or a local billboard or newspaper advertisement. So if you’re not on social media already for your business, it’s time to get posting!

However, it can be hard to figure out which social media sites are worth posting to. While some have great popularity, others might be a better platform to share your business based on the content and products you provide.

It can be tricky finding the perfect collection of sites to keep updated and in the know about your products and specials, but lucky for you, we are able to help. Below we have listed some of the best sites you can use to keep your product out there, relevant, and trending for the longest period of time.

Top Social Media Sites

The Top Social Media Sites To Use

The first of our top sites to use to broadcast your product and connect with fans is an obvious one, none other than Facebook. Facebook is a social media site that is designed for both brand and business accounts to coexist with personal use accounts, allowing people to follow your business and get updates on their feed whenever you post something new.

With its integrated advertising programs, you can even purchase ad space that will show up in relevant areas as targeted ads, so with all this going on it is no wonder that most businesses keep a facebook page for their business to keep connected with customers and fans.

The second site we will mention is Twitter. Unlike Facebook, you can’t make an individual business page on Twitter, but you can make a standard profile linked to your brand, and use its short term snippet blogging interface to share short messages with fans, that they can easily digest and even click links on in regards to your products and offers.

The third site is an oddball, but is growing in popularity with businesses to cater to younger crowds and really get further marketing powers.

This site is Tumblr, a blogging platform that works like a mix of Facebook and Twitter, with the private account functions of Twitter blended with the feeds and lengthy, media integrated posts of Facebook, to allow you to cater to a younger, more niche crowd.

The Top Social Media Sites To Use

No matter what social media sites you choose to host your business’s page on, we are there to help. We have perfected the art of content curation and can do the job of keeping your pages updated for you, while you focus on more important tasks for your business. Let us keep you relevant and well known, and call or click today for more information on our services.


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