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The Role of a Social Media Expert in Your Small Business

The Role of a Social Media Expert in Your Small Business

Social media is a double-edged sword for small businesses. It presents unprecedented and cost-effective ways to reach your target market, but it also means more competition and real customer reviews. This means there is an increasing need to set yourself apart from your competitors and handle customer relations with great care.

Not all small business owners are well-versed with how a social network functions. Even if you have basic user experience of social platforms, chances are there are things about social networks that can impact your business that you haven’t heard of. In this case, it’s better to hire social media experts.


Social Media Expert: What Is This?

Find a Social Media Expert to Do All the Hard Work for You

When social media marketing (SMM) boomed a few yeas back, suddenly we started to see “social media experts” or “social networking guru” at every turn. How do you know which is the real deal?

A real social media expert also knows how to harness the power of social networks for whatever purposes. Their experience encompasses market research, marketing planning, and marketing execution. Their marketing campaigns are based on the solid grounds of research, understanding the target market, and having concrete objectives. They know how to measure results and social network metrics.

Social network marketing experts also know how to create viral, shareable content that will not only catch readers’ attention but also add value to them.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Using a social media marketing plan for small business also involves a whole lot of rules and techniques that are needed to reach your goals. Social network marketing for small business can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Crafting an SMM plan consists of the following steps:

Social Media Expert to Gain Leads for Businesses

1. Auditing your current social presence in online media. This is where you’ll take stock of where you are regarding existing social network channels and how these channels are doing regarding engagement and performance compared to competitors.

2. Creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a media representation for your ideal clients: their demographics, gender, interests, careers, and so on.

3. Setting your goals. Know what you want to achieve using SMM.

4. Identify your success metrics. Decide on how you will measure success. Success metrics can include total shares, brand mentions, conversion rate, and also time spent on your page.

5. Curate and create content. You need a constant stream of curated or original content to engage your readers.

6. Track and optimize. Track your results and tweak or optimize your processes based on these results.

Social Marketing Experts: What Can They Do for You?

Find a Social Media Expert to Increase Your Online Brand

You probably think that these six steps look challenging and time-consuming, and you’re right. However, researching alone can take days to complete. This is where a social media expert comes in. Social network marketing experts have a proven track record of planning and implementing a successful SMM strategy.

Hiring social network marketing experts can save time and energy, and you can also be confident of their expertise. Social media marketing experts at Roosterly can especially help you produce engaging content that will attract and add value to readers.

Social network marketing for small business doesn’t have to drain you of precious time and resources. Hire a social media expert at Roosterly now and see what social network marketing done right can do for you and your business.


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