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The Power of Social Content Curation in Building Social Media Followers

The Power of Social Content Curation in Building Social Media Followers

The key to a successful internet marketing campaign is to build a following. If you don’t have followers on the internet, you’ll remain unknown and no one will hear about what you have to offer. One of the fastest tools to gain a steady flow of followers is through social media. The best way to get their attention is through social content curation.

The Power of Social Content Curation

What Is Social Content Curation?

Curating content on the internet is somewhat similar to curating museum items. You go around, gather interesting pieces, and share them to the public in hopes of sparking interest and gaining more followers.

On the internet, you search well-known content sites, find interesting articles or content of any type, and share them.

To create a more personal atmosphere, instead of just creating links or embedding the curated content, you can add your own thoughts and see if you can start a meaningful discussion.

Social Media Curation Tools

The internet is huge and even though content sometimes become viral, you won’t be able to rely on curating viral content alone. In fact, what usually happens is that by the time you post content that already went viral, the community has already lost interest.

Your biggest problem is how to find content that’s on its way to internet stardom so you can hitch a ride on its way up. You could spend 24 hours a day and still won’t be able to search through all the new content that gets posted on the net everyday.

What you need are social content curation tools. Such tools help to mine the internet for interesting content that meets certain parameters you place. For example, if your blog or website focuses on pets, specifically dogs, then you would set the curation tool to search for interesting content that features dogs.

Once your tools are in place, all you’ll need to do is to go through the results. Then pick the ones that really spike your interest, and post them on your blog or website.

How to Build Presence with Social Content Curation

Always remember that curating content is only a means to reach a certain objective. The curated content itself is never the objective. Your ultimate goal is to gain followers that are willing to participate in whatever you are offering them. Such as buying a certain product you’re selling, avail for your services, or link to your site.

When you curate content, make sure that it doesn’t stop there. As with any good marketing article, always include a call to action. Request your viewers to become a part of your community. Ask them to subscribe or become a part of an email list.

Curating content is always about building a social following, so make sure you do your best to do just that.

How Does Social Content Curation Work


At Roosterly, we believe in the power of social media in terms of building followers and achieving objectives. Whether you’re offering a service or marketing certain products, social media will be the best platform and we know how to work it to your advantage.


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