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The Best Way to Curate Content for Social Media

The Best Way to Curate Content for Social Media

One of the fastest ways to create an impact on the web is to curate content for social media. However, there are wrong and right ways of doing this. If you do it properly, there’s a good chance you’ll successfully achieve your ultimate objective. If you try to cut corners, you’ll not only run into lots of trouble, but also create a negative impact on your followers.

The one thing that you do not want to happen to your blog or website is a pr disaster. Sure, people do make mistakes on the web. Some sites are able to recover from those mistakes, but most turn out to be complete failures.

The Wrong Way to Curate Content for Social Media

The problem with pr disasters on the web is that they rarely just affect your website, but your company, your business, or your professional services as well. Imagine trying to market a piece of real estate and the person you’re selling to happens to be familiar with your company and its recent pr disaster on the web.

Not only would you get caught off guard, you’ll also lose your momentum and most likely the sale. So, if you’re going for the fame and fortune through content curation on social media, you had better do it right.

What Is Social Media Content?

Before we discuss content, let’s take a brief look at social media itself. Social media is a community and like any other community, members interact with each other.

How members interact with each other is by providing content. For example, if an author would take an active part in social media, he or she would share excerpts from a recent book. The author may provide writing tips or anything that could be helpful to aspiring authors.

That is what social media content is supposed to be. It is a means to interact with the community.

What Is Social Content Curation?

Imagine that you’re the author and that you’ve done your part and shared parts of your brain on social media. By doing so, you’ve managed to gain a good amount of followers.

You want to keep your followers interested in you and whatever your objective is, but you’re drained. You just can’t seem to find anything else to share with them.

Instead of losing your followers one by one, you find content that others created but meet your criteria for being “interesting”. You then share this content with your followers and maybe even discuss it with them.

You then keep on repeating the process and in time you’ll have a bunch of curated content on your social media page, blog, or website.

By curating content, you’re able to make sure that your followers maintain their interest in you and whatever you’re sharing.

What Is the Wrong Way to Curate Content?

Best Way to Curate Content for Social Media

If you’re going to curate content for social media, you need to do it right. Only curate content that you deem provides value to your page or can contribute to achieving your objective. Don’t just share content indiscriminately. Create a plan and work on that plan until you achieve your goals.

The worst thing you can do when curating content is to claim credit to any part of the content. Always give credit to the owner of the content. Keep in mind that nothing can be hidden on the internet. Some day, someone will find out that what you claim was yours wasn’t and your reputation could be ground to dust.


The best way to curate content for social media is to spend the time searching for content that is pertinent to your objectives or the theme of your blog, website, or social media page. Once you’ve gained a good amount of followers by providing curated content, make sure that you find a way to convert them from followers into customers.

Here at Roosterly, we specialize in achieving goals through social media. If you need to reach an objective, let’s sit down and create a plan we will put into action for you.


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