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Stressed About Growing Your Dental Practice?  Do these few things consistently.

Stressed About Growing Your Dental Practice? Do these few things consistently.

Sometimes being your own boss just plain sucks.  Not the part about doing what you love, that’s all good.  It’s dealing with IT issues, administrative chores and other things (bad coffee?) that comprise a big chunk of your day but are still vital to helping you make more money from your practice.

The bad news is, we can’t help you with many of those things.

That said, when it comes to marketing your practice, here are a few things you should be doing consistently that local competitor may not be doing.  Do them well and enjoy an edge over practices that you’re competing with.

  1. Make sure people see you on Facebook

Yes we get it.  Facebook’s been in the news a lot lately and not always for great things.  That said, let’s just enforce the fact that 2 billion people are on the platform.  According to an A.C. Neilsen report, 39% of people in your geographic area learn about local healthcare providers through their social media pages.  This is an important reason staying active and engaged by posting resourceful content on your Facebook pages consistently. For example, if you have a unique offering -- educate your local community about it via Facebook...It’ll grow your credibility and trust with the people in your community.  That means more inquiries and patients.

  1. Referral Generation:  Ask and you shall receive.

Did you know that unless you ask patients for referrals you won’t get them?  It’s true. Even if people like you a lot, they simply don’t tend to refer unless prompted.  Now, that doesn’t mean every third post on your Facebook page should be hitting up your fans for new patients.  That’s just plain tacky. Successful practices do it periodically, mixed in with their other content that showcases their practice.

  1. Monitor and Respond to Feedback (even to the not so good stuff)

Even the most mighty practices have been known whimper and go hide in a corner.  It can wreck your weekend, or worse, negatively impact your standing in the community.  Look, like it or not -- there are some nutjobs out there. They’ll be real nice to you in person and then they’ll haul off and complain about their experience in an online review.  Don’t be afraid of this! People are less inclined to give feedback about their experiences directly, but when given the opportunity to do so online in the form of a review they do so with aplomb.  If its a negative review, take the conversation off-line. Call them, be thoughtful and ask them how to make it right -- a simple adult conversation can usually lead to fixing the errant review and stronger, more positive relationship with that customer.

  1. Personal Interactions, Trust and Credibility

Have you ever met someone that gives you a vibe that’s just kind of greasy?  Like you can’t trust them. Maybe they are super smart...no matter, you still wouldn’t do business with them.  Truth is, we’ve all met people like this. We don’t want them in our mouths.

On your social media, showcase your knowledge.  We get that you’re more educated than most people so you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room Doc.  Just be caring, be sincere and post content related to your specialty that shows the local community that you kick-ass at what you do.  Over time, you’ll find more people reaching out to you for your opinions and seeking you out when they need help.

This doesn’t happen overnight.  So play the long game.

Would you like our team to do all of this for you?

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