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Social Media Curation on LinkedIn

Social Media Curation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ultimate social hub for large to small businesses and professionals. Marketing industry reports, such as the Social Media Marketing Industry for 2015 report, show that LinkedIn is one of the most important social media platforms for B2B marketers. With so much going on on this site, your business can’t afford to not leverage on this social platform.

Marketing industry leaders testify the key to using LinkedIn for your business marketing campaign is to write content. The content is specifically tailored for LinkedIn and the audience that uses this platform. One easy way to provide relevant content on LinkedIn is through using social media curation.

Social Media Curation on LinkedIn

Make Connections by Using Curation on LinkedIn

Social media curation is finding, sorting, aggregating, organizing, and publishing content from several sources. It is the best supplement to your existing content production process. In fact, marketers are advised to mix 75% of original posts and 25% curated content for your content marketing campaign.

Social curation on LinkedIn uses the same principles but with a twist. They are tailoring the content to professionals and other businesses as well. This involves selecting industry-relevant sources, using leading experts, and maintaining a professional tone.

Since you are catering to a group of professionals, it is best to use content curation platforms such as Roosterly to manage content curation for you. Platforms like this have experts who know how to select and curate the best sources and when and how to post them on specific social platforms like LinkedIn.

With proper execution, social curation on LinkedIn can reap numerous benefits for your business and career.

Benefits of LinkedIn Content Curation

There are several benefits of LinkedIn content curation which encompass increasing brand awareness to lead conversions.

The Importance of Social Media Curation

  • Establish yourself as a innovative leader. One of the best benefits of LinkedIn content curation is the ability to position yourself as one of the leading thought leaders among your colleagues. Posting the latest and most relevant or thought-provoking materials can win over potential clients or build relationships with other businesses.


  • Provide diverse perspectives for your audience. Your audience is smart, ambitious professionals looking for the next big thing. These people are most likely big on innovation that comes from diversity. Offer curated content with diverse sources and make your readers think, “This guy is a well-rounded person who respects varying opinions.” Your audience will also love that you spark their neurons with the diverse curated content that you provided. So you will make yourself an authority figure with thoughts and ideas worth listening to.


  • Increase your lead conversion rate. One of the best benefits of LinkedIn content curation is providing an opportunity to increase your sales conversion rate. LinkedIn was shown to be an excellent source of leads for several companies. In fact, Hubspot tells us that US LinkedIn users generate a 6.1% conversion rate from LinkedIn Ads. That is in comparison to the average conversion rate of 2.58% on Google search.

The keys to getting lead conversions from LinkedIn are keeping your audience engaged and building a trusting relationship with them. Let them get to know you by the posts you publish, and soon enough you’ll have a community of followers who trust what you have to say.

Key Takeaways

Social media curation through the use of Roosterly, the leading content curation platform, can reap unexpected benefits for your career or business. Leverage LinkedIn through social curation to establish yourself as an authority figure and increase your conversion rates in the process.


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