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Social Curation and Why It Matters to Your Brand

Social Curation and Why It Matters to Your Brand

Any business that wants to be profitable needs to stay ahead of consumer behavior trends. One of the emerging trends on how consumers search for information, products, and services is by using social media channels. Consumers don’t want the same old marketing tactics dominated by the use of banners and paid advertisements. Although, these are still effective marketing tools. They simply need to be augmented with one crucial aspect of online marketing; building personal relationships with potential clientele.

Social media channels give consumers the chance to engage with brands directly. What does this mean for you in building your brand? You need to provide your social network audience with meaningful content in a timely manner. One way which is particularly effective is growing businesses who use social curation.

Social Media Curation to Grow Your Business

What Is Social Curation?

Social curation is the art of choosing relevant content from other sources that will add value to your readers. On top of that, they will be directly posted on your social network channels. Social media curation should not replace your original posts, but it is a good way to provide readers with up-to-date content without having to start from scratch. However, the best social media curation is practiced by using social content curation tools like Roosterly.

Using Social Media and Content Curation to Your Advantage

Social media curation is extremely helpful for users who spend hours on social networking sites (SNS). Which this can become extremely overwhelming due to the enormous amount of online materials you see on your feed. Imagine the delight of someone who finds your curated social content providing information they want to read. That shows them the best sources of information on a particular topic while your name is at the top of the article. It saves them time and energy, so you’ll gain traction with them and will be one step closer to turning them into a potential customer.

How Can Social Curation Help Build Your Brand Reputation?

A fitness trainer who posts health advice sourced from industry experts is more likely to build a name for themselves than a fitness trainer whose posts consist only of their personal opinions or advice. Social media curation works as a way to triangulate yourself: you provide other sources to make your claims more credible.

There is one main key to making your curated social content work for your brand. Use reputable sources only and fact check at all times. However, even reputable sources can make a mistake. It’s your responsibility to check for accuracy before posting anything on your profile. We’ve all seen social media blunders by major brands that damaged their reputation, so double check before you post anything.

Why Should You Use a Social Curation Tool?

Social Curation is Dominating the Marketing Industry

As you may have gathered from the things discussed above, a lot is going on in creating just one curated post. The best way to take the burden off your shoulder is to use a social curation tool like Roosterly that will curate content and post them on your SNS profiles. Roosterly specializes in curating content for professionals and entrepreneurs who aim to leverage SNS in building their brand. Social curating is a multi-step task that can take considerable time, so using Roosterly can free up your time and speed up the content curation process.

Using a trusted social curation tool will assure you that your social media profile is constantly updated with relevant, accurate, and engaging content. Soon you will start seeing a growth of your online presence and community.


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