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Simple Tips to Manage your Social Media Accounts

Simple Tips to Manage your Social Media Accounts

Less than ten years ago, most entities considered social media an unnecessary part of their businesses. Today, it is vital. Marketers and business people believe that social media can help enhance brand recognition and business growth.

Knowing the importance of social media in the growth of your business is one thing. Developing and keeping track of your social media campaigns is another.

Some businesses opt for social media management companies while others employ permanent personnel to manage their accounts.

If you know enough about social media, you can manage your social media accounts. Here are important tips.

Establish Your Goals 

Set SMART goals as your motivation to better manage your social media. Your goals can be growing your website traffic or converting site visitors into customers. Just make sure they’re specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

You can have a goal such as growing your website traffic by 10 percent in the next six months. Or converting at least 500 visitors into customers within three months and many more.
These goals will be your compass when you are managing your accounts.

  • Choose Your Audience

  • Find your audience by making use of tools such as HubSpot which notify you when a certain topic is being discussed and then jump in on the conversation. Make sure to stay as engaged as your audience by keeping the discussion lively and creating a community.


    Focus on Creating Content

    Content is king when it comes to social media and keeping your audience engaged. This calls for the creation of quality content that is entertaining, helpful, and easy to read.

    You are not limited to text as you can create infographics, podcasts, and videos for your audience needs. Large blocks of text will put off those with trouble concentrating.


    There are different tools to help you evaluate how you are doing with your social media campaigns. You can track the progress on your website using Google Analytics and see how much traffic comes from Facebook or other social media accounts.

    There are tools that help you plan your social media posts early and then post them when the time is ripe. Some of these tools make it easy for you to manage your social media accounts.

    You just need to find the best one for your business and make maximum use of it.

    Should You Outsource Social Media Management?

    If you do not have time, you know nothing helpful about social media, you have other things do, or you just need skilled personnel, enhance your branding strategies today by hiring a social media manager.

    Social media managers will take over your social media marketing campaigns to offer you results on your set goals.



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