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Pros and Cons of Automated Content Curation for Small Businesses

Pros and Cons of Automated Content Curation for Small Businesses

Saving time and effort in producing content is a priority for any content marketers. Small businesses aiming to increase leads and conversion rates by content marketing especially need a cost-effective content solution. While article curation for small businesses does save you time, you will still need to schedule and publish the blog and social media posts by yourselves. Make your content curation process more efficient by using automated curated articles.

Automated content curating platforms such as Roosterly offers you a chance to reduce your article marketing workload without cutting the regular publication of quality content. However, everything comes with a caveat. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using automated content curating platforms:

Leave the Articles to Automated Content Curation


1. Saves an incredible amount of time. Automated content curation saves not just your time but also your effort in curating articles from different sources and posting them on your social media profiles. Content marketers swear by the huge help that automated curation gives. It allows them to focus on other tasks that are crucial to their businesses.

It will also take away the task of manually scheduling your social media posts since automated curated articles for small businesses will do this for you.

2. Getting content from various sources. Another perk of using automated content curation for small businesses is you’ll get articles sourced from different channels. Some automated article curating platforms use RSS feeds and other tools to locate relevant articles. So you’ll get fresh and relevant content every time.

How can Automated Content Curation Help You

3. Allows you to check in later and interact with readers. Of course, having automated content does not mean you won’t need to interact with your readers. Nothing replaces genuine, personable interaction with readers, so you can check in later and respond to comments or questions in a way that builds relationships with them. This is your chance to offer your personal insights or comments about the posted content.


Automated Content Curation-Connect More with Your Followers

1. You might miss giving personal insight. When your posts are published automatically, you won’t have the chance to add your ideas or frame the post in a way that offers a unique perspective or makes readers think. However, as mentioned earlier, you can offset this by having the time to interact with users instead.

2. It’s easy to set and forget. The busier you are, the easier it is to forget automated processes. This is the risk that you want to avoid if you decide to use automated content curating platforms. As earlier pointed out, nothing beats giving your readers real-time interaction.

So you can’t set the automated curation process and forget it. Set aside time to go over your social media profiles to engage with your readers. The reason why you’re using social media in the first place is to build genuine relationships with your readers.

Key takeaways:

Despite the risk of missing out on interacting with your readers that comes with using automated article curating platforms, automated content curation for small businesses still provides undeniable benefits. A competent content curation platform such as Roosterly is the best platform for article curation for small businesses.

We can take away the heavy workload from your staff and allow them to focus on other duties. Contact Roosterly now to learn more about the wonders that automated content curation can achieve for the content marketing strategy of small businesses.

If done properly using automated curated articles can significantly reduce your workload and time spent on generating and publishing new articles.


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