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Know How to Utilize the Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Know How to Utilize the Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Restaurant marketing is imperative in the ultra-competitive restaurant industry, so knowing how to utilize and implement the best restaurant marketing ideas is of the utmost importance in order to stay ahead of the competition and to advance your brand.

Staying relevant and fresh in the ever-growing and ever-changing restaurant industry is behind the idea of creative restaurant marketing ideas and trends.

So we’ve compiled a list of ideas from which to focus on or think about when it comes to learning the best ideas when you think of how to attract customers to my restaurant.

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How to Attract Customers to My Restaurant?

When it comes to asking the question of how to attract customers to my restaurant, it’s a good idea to think outside the box while at the same time not neglecting tried and true restaurant marketing ideas and trends which work well.

Ideas such as leaving smart flyers, creating unique partners with area local businesses are wise. And so are the always popular discounts like 2-for-1 specials and 20 percent or more off deals to first time customers who will then turn into loyal repeating customers. This will help you focus on unique and timely happy hours promotions, tie strategies and ideas into significant events like holidays or big sports/social events, come up with exclusive creative events such as wine tasting, themed dinner parties, cooking classes.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Trends, some of the Best to Consider

how to attract customers to my restaurantCreative and exciting restaurant marketing ideas and trends are the way to go when it comes to staying ahead of the competition and driving more traffic through your doors.

And embracing the impressive capabilities of social media is a move that will pay off if you’re diligent enough to understand and utilize the social media platforms and how to make them work for you.

And the most popular marketing trend in the restaurant industry is also one of the simplest, and that’s the foodie photographs.

Facebook, Twitter, and notably Instagram are alive and kicking with the foodie photo or food porn as it’s known in the industry. The carefully crafted and drool-inducing pictures are generally of high quality and deliberately designed to make mouths water and feet fly towards your location.

Tie these photos in with interactive posts and promotions, and you’ll have a stampede. You could be your photographer, of course, but it’s wise to consider professional photography for these types of photos and displays, especially pros that have experience with foodie photos.

Customer loyalty programs are another boon in the restaurant marketing business, as there are several foodie apps like LevelUp, Loyals Blocks, Belly, and Perka. Of course, is there anything like an old-school punch card where frequent trips turn into a freebie that folks just love?

So turn to look at some of these creative restaurant marketing ideas we’ve mentioned to answer the question how to attract customers to my restaurant, and you’re sure to see your traffic increase and find more new customers turn into loyal, repeat customers and become the envy of the competition.


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