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How to Make Your Facebook Business Page Rock!

How to Make Your Facebook Business Page Rock!

If you’re marketing on Facebook, you had better be a Juggernaut. Facebook is one of the fastest moving social media sites around. On this particular social network, information gets transferred so fast and in such huge quantities that if you’re not a dominating your industry, your Facebook business page will be forgotten without even getting noticed.

Being a rockstar on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be a huge company like Microsoft, Apple, or Samsung. You just need to be able to provide what those companies are experts at: value.

To become an expert on social media, especially Facebook, you need to know your value and capitalize on whatever that is. Let’s go over a few ways to make your business profile stand out!

Make a Facebook Business Page

How to Create a Facebook Business Page That Socializes

If you’ve ever been on Facebook, then you probably already know what a business profile is. If not, then it’s similar to a personal page except it’s for company purposes.

Creating a Facebook business page is a clear cut process. Just follow the steps and you’ll have a page for your company in no time.

However, the page itself isn’t important. What’s important is what you do with it.

Before we discuss further what a business page is, let’s go into what it isn’t. First, your business page isn’t a personal page, but it still needs a personality. Second, your business profile isn’t an advertisement, but it needs to be advertised. Lastly, your business page isn’t your company website, it’s a gateway.

Always keep in mind that anyone on social media needs to socialize, therefore, it your profile needs to have a personality. If your business page doesn’t carry the personality of your company, potential followers will get confused and simply move on instead of spending time trying to figure you out.

You should also keep in mind that the one thing that people hate the most on the internet is advertisements. Do not make the mistake of turning your Facebook page into a plethora of various advertisements. Talk about your products, but do so in a way that provides value and not just information.

Another thing you should remember is that a Facebook business page is only a portal to your main website. You are a company with a team of personalities and as such, you need to have your own website that conveys that. You can’t just go piggybacking on Facebook forever. Handing out a business-card with a URL of xyzcompany.facebook.com just won’t cut it.

Facebook Posting Tips and Tricks for Businesses

Make Your Facebook Business Page the Best

What’s the difference between “Hey! Check out our new baseball bat!” and “Did you know that our new bat will reduce the stress on your wrists?”

If you thought about the difference in value being provided, you are correct. The first post, though may have been interesting, was obviously an ad. The second actually provided value to the audience and offered to solve their problem of wrist pain.

If you want to build followers on Facebook, socialize by providing value. Share discount coupons or special offers. Just make sure that whatever you post, it provides some sort of value.

Also, be active. You may not be able to post something every day, but at least try to create regular posts. So don’t limit your posts to your company. Be concerned about the community and share information that will make you look like more than just a company trying to sell products.


If you manage your Facebook business page the right way, you’ll become a rockstar in no time. However, if you don’t believe you have the necessary social media skills just yet, leave it to the experts. At Roosterly, we can work social media to your advantage and ultimately achieve your goals.


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