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How Much to Charge for Social Media Marketing Services

How Much to Charge for Social Media Marketing Services

Reaching your target audience using the organic, non-ad and non-sponsored content approach, is a thing of the past. Any business that wants to stay competitive and stay in business has to have an advertising strategy and an advertising budget.

Your budget and how you decide to spend it can have positive or negative impacts on sales, lead generation, and most importantly your ability to create a unique online experience that connects your company and brand to your target customers.

Achieving this should not be a one-time occurrence. With the never-ending constraints of your time and your money, you will need to figure out what you can afford and how you will implement your strategy for maximum gains.

How Much to Charge for Social Media Marketing Services

What’s the Cost of Relevance and Recognition?

No matter what your business is, for it to survive and thrive you will need a social media presence, an enduring brand and reputation, and a captivating and engaging method of appealing to your target audience and keeping them coming back to you for more.

Small or medium-sized companies can start by paying a flat fee of between $1,500-$2,000 per month for a basic strategy, a schedule of postings, content, and some simple methods for tracking success.

Large companies can spend anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 per month for a more robust program.

Outsourcing this work with a social media marketing company can save you the headaches of creating content, distributing it to your website and social media channels, and possibly also distributing it to other relevant off-line publications.

Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is So Important

There are probably millions of articles that you can read about how SEO works and why it is necessary to manage in order for your business to be successful and and stay successful.

This crazy and mysterious science of SEO baffles lots of people, especially entrepreneurs who have multiple degrees but still can’t understand what gets you higher rankings on Google, no matter who explains it.

Suffice it to say that you don’t need to understand the mad science of SEO as much as you need to respect it and covet it. Just remember this, a good search engine is your friend if you have the right media channels, content, keywords, meta titles, etc.

Free Analytical Tools

A good social media marketing company will provide analytical data to you about how your marketing strategy and schedule is working. There are also a number for free analytics tools that can help you track your blog’s or website’s return on investment.

Some of these free tools will provide data on where your traffic is originating, how many visits you get, your top viewed posts, and how long visitors stay on your site.

How Much Should Social Media Marketing Cost in 2018

Tips for Choosing the Best Social Media Marketing Company for you

Choose a social media marketing company that is familiar with your type of business or industry and has a proven track record with current users who are not shy about providing first-hand testimony of positive experiences.

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