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How Can a Social Media Curation Site Help Grow a Business?

How Can a Social Media Curation Site Help Grow a Business?

People who spend time on social media are looking for one thing: engaging content that captures their interest. So this is why every business that is serious about succeeding has a well maintained social media profile that regularly publishes sensible posts that impact their followers.

However, every social media manager knows how difficult it is to keep churning out original posts several times a day. The perfect solution for this is using a content curation site.

A curation site offers curation services, taking over the tasks of posting curated content on their social media profile. You can let the content curation platform regularly publish links to relevant content of other websites on your profiles as part of your content curation strategy. However, how exactly does curated content on social media impacts businesses?

Why Curated Content on Social Media Matters

Social Media Curation Site to Help Grow a Business

In social media marketing, the more engaging your posts are, the more likely your target audience will notice you. Also, the more people notice you, the more chances you have of driving sales.

Using a curation site as part of your content curation strategy is a great way of consistently publishing high-quality, relevant, and compelling content without the difficulty of thinking of new topics. Still, how should your target audience perceive your curated content and your brand in the process?

First, your audience should find your posts useful and valuable. Enough so to inspire them to take action about something in their lives. If your business is in the dental practice industry, your curated posts should inspire your audience to work towards having a healthier set of teeth.

Second, your curated posts should be consistent enough for your audience to associate your brand with “expertise”. When they think of your brand, they should be reminded of an industry leader that consistently provides valuable information to improve their clients’ lives. When the target patients of your dental practice develop a tooth problem, you should be the first dental practice to come to mind.

If your content curation strategy achieves these two effects, congratulate yourself! You’ve established yourself as an industry expert that cares about its clients.

How to Use a Content Curation Platform for Social Media

You can do the curating by yourself, or you can use a curation site. Because honestly, what business owner has the time to crawl the web in search of a piece of content to share?

A content curation platform will do all the searching and posting for you. All you need to do is to select the topic you want to be posting about, review the curated posts, and respond to followers’ comments.

The Success of a Content Curation Strategy Depends on Your Content Curation Platform

Content Curation Platform for Social Media

A lot of digital marketers are wary of using a content curation platform. Simply because they fear that this automated process will strip the content marketing strategy of any “depth”. However, what they miss is that the success of automated curation largely depends on what curation site you’re using.

Use a curation site that has a proven track record of driving engagement in social media through curating posts. If you’re ready to level up your business by using curated content on social media, contact Roosterly now. We surely have a tailored content curation strategy fit for your needs.


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