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How Can a Content Marketing Software Help Your Business?

How Can a Content Marketing Software Help Your Business?

Content marketers are always looking for the best article marketing tools for specific marketing tasks. For a new content marketer, the online world of software can be disconcerting. Where do you start? Do you need to use all of these tools?

They key to knowing which content marketing platform to use is to understand first the different processes involved in marketing. Then you will see how a content marketing software fit into all of these.


Content Marketing Tools and Processes

Article marketing is a complex process that can be broken down into five stages:

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1. Ideation

Ideation is the part where you think of what you want your articles will be like. That means what it’s about, what it’s not about, what its tone will be like, what sources you will use, and other details about your articles.

Here, you will need article marketing tools to help you make sense of your ideas. Tools like a handy digital memo pad where you can type whatever ideas come to mind or a reading list that you can get inspiration from.

2. Producing

This is where you’ll get down to researching, writing, editing, and proofreading your articles. You’ll need various tools at this stage that will give you a smooth writing experience. Most article writers use proofreading tools such as Grammarly which proofreads their text for them.

3. Publishing

On what platform will you publish your article? This depends on what publishing platforms your company or clients are already using.

4. Promotion

Promoting your content is what “marketing” is all about. You can market via social media, email, and others. There are article marketing tools that streamline your email marketing and even social marketing processes.

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5. Tracking

This one is very important if you want to know how your marketing efforts are going on. There are tons of analytics tools out there that you can take advantage of to stay on top of your articles performance.

So What’s a Content Marketing Platform?

A content marketing platform is a software or tool that helps with any of these functions. It can specialize on one service or offer a range of features like curating, publishing, and promoting articles.

One such platform is found here at Roosterly. This content marketing software completely streamlines the process of curating articles, so all you need to do is to provide your topics of interest and keywords that you would like it to curate. It will automatically curate and publish the curated texts on your social media profiles.

How Can a Content Marketing Software Help Your Business?

Use the Best Content Marketing Software

The kinds of services offered by a content marketing platform like Roosterly adds great value to businesses and articles marketers. This is because they make the stages of marketing so much easier and saves time and even money for businesses.

How does it save money for businesses? By saving time on your part. For example, since you won’t have to spend hours on looking for and approving articles to curate them, you can spend this time on other tasks. Tasks such as creating your original content or interacting with your readers.


A good content marketing software makes your job as a content marketer easier. It will allow you to automate and speed some of the processes up involved in marketing. Time and money – two resources that we all wish to have more of – are saved with the help of reliable article marketing tools.


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