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Everything You Need To Know About Social Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Social Marketing

Marketing can be defined as the process through which goods or services move from the producers to the consumers.

Social marketing works in a different way; marketers are not pushing to make profits, but instead, they try to change people’s behaviors in a bid to tackle social problems.

For example, in a community where child hunger is prevalent, there might be a group whose interest is to fight for and advocate for school children and breastfeeding mothers feeding program by the state through lobbying and advertising media.

The motivation behind this group’s work is to change people’s behavior.

 Everything You Need To Know About Social Marketing

How Does Social Marketing Work?

  • Identify the audience and behavior you intend to change. Defining this will help in knowing what ways will be used to influence their behavior.
  • Identify the barriers to change by conducting research through interviews or focus groups to help you develop a deep understanding of what is stopping a particular community to make those changes.
  • Plan on how to reduce the barriers to change. It is important when driving change to have a plan in place, to make it easier, accessible and attractive by providing incentives if possible.
  • Present your ideas to a focus group to help you know how receptive the general public will be. You can then modify your ideas and plan to depend on the results you get.
  • Publicize the benefits of change and your efforts to make the change as well to draw people to take advantage of your efforts.

Who Offers The Best Social Marketing Services?

When planning to run a social marketing campaign, it is important to have the full scope of how big or how small your campaign will be.

Social marketing campaigns can be done at a local level when there are limited resources; therefore, you wouldn’t need to outsource expertise.

However, if you are intending to run a nationwide campaign, having someone on your team with expertise and experience will be beneficial.

This is important since you will need someone with the technical knowledge of marketing. For example, market segmentation. The good news is that all this stuff can be learned with time.

Get The Best Social Marketing Services

To help you change the world one project at a time, you’ll need to work with the best social marketers.

Different consultancies offer different types of services; therefore, one should be critical and specific about what they want to achieve.

The services can be broken down into:

  • Strategic planning to develop a comprehensive marketing plan,
  • Marketing research to identify needs and resources,
  • Program evaluation to identify success points as well as challenges
  • Technical writing

 Aspects You Need to Understand About Social Marketing

The 4 P’s Of Marketing Still Apply

The 4 P’s of marketing- product, price, promotion, and the place still apply in social marketing. To make your campaign effective, you’ll need to take all this into consideration.

You must know the exact aspects of the campaign. What product are you presenting to the market? How much will it cost to change the behavior of a single individual? What are the barriers to the wanted change? What advertising do you need to do?


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