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Benefits of Content Curation Apps for Freelance Sales Professionals

Benefits of Content Curation Apps for Freelance Sales Professionals

Driving sales for a company is one thing, but driving sales for your freelance services is another. As a freelance sales professional, whether you’re just starting out or already established in your field, you found that building your personal brand is the best marketing strategy you can use for yourself.

In fact, building a personal brand is what sets a successful freelance sales expert apart from others. Building a personal brand in this digital age often takes careful planning and even more precise execution. This is where content curation apps for sales professionals comes into play.

Content Curation Apps to Increase Your Business Traffic

What Are Content Curation Apps?

To understand what a content curation platform is, we first need to understand what curated content is. Curating content is the act of collecting content from various online sources and selecting the most useful and relevant ones. Then organizing them intelligently, and publishing them in a way that readers will find easy to understand. A curated piece of content can be published on blogs or social media profiles.

A successfully piece of curated content is often marked by two things. It must have both relevance and usefulness to the reader. Curated content such as news need to be up-to-date and relevant to your industry. So if you’re a sales expert, you’ll need to curate news that directly impacts your industry such as policy changes. The curated content also needs to be useful to your readers.

A good assumption here is that you are not publishing content for you; you are posting this information for your readers. The content should add value to your readers. For instance, you can curate materials about the best practices in sales promotion or marketing strategies.

A curation app will automate this process for you. It will collect information, select the useful and most relevant ones, then post them on your chosen social media channels.

Why Use Content Curation Platforms?

1. Save Time

Use Content Curation Apps to Benefit Your Business

Sifting through tons of sources takes time and often causes headache even to the most tech savy freelance sales professionals. A content curation platform take these inconveniences away. A good content curation platform for sales professionals like Roosterly understands where to get high-quality content and posts these pieces automatically on your chosen social media channel. The time that you will save in this process can be used for other activities.

2. Build Personal Brand Consistently

Content curation apps will choose the most relevant and useful content. So you will be assured of valuable information that will establish you as a sales and marketing expert. Consistently posting current and industry-relevant web articles will build your reputation as a sales professional who stays informed of news and best sales practices. It’s all about packaging and marketing yourself as the go-to freelance sales professional by publishing solid content.


The freelance world is a tough marketplace where you have to set yourself apart from your competitors. Being a successful freelance sales professional allows you to earn a living while having more free time for yourself and your loved ones. However, first you need to put in the effort necessary for building a stellar online reputation. Take advantage of Roosterly. We have the top content curation platform for sales professionals. So start positioning yourself as a top freelance sales professional today with our easy to use platform.


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