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Automatic Content Curation

Automatic Content Curation

Automated Content Curation Software

For many years now, people have utilized automatic content curation for various tasks. From music playlists to online art galleries, content curation has been used for years without anyone realizing what it really was. Roosterly has taken the idea behind curating content and molded it into an innovative marketing business technique.

With modern technological advancements, so much has changed in the world of content curation. Several years ago, content curators would spend countless hours on manually reading, researching and annotating different pieces of content. These could even include journals and publications for professionals and local businesses.

Creating relevant content from such references could take days or even weeks of reading and thorough research. Now, it only takes a few clicks to review and process millions of pieces of content overnight. The automatic content curation systems such as Roosterly has now made this a reality for local and national businesses.

With highly accurate and advanced programming, automated software makes curation much less of a hassle.

So How Does Automatic Content Curation Work?

Scope and Volume:

These days, where information comes in huge volumes, it is hard to find articles and journals which are relevant to a specific topic. With automatic content curation, you have a wider scope and can review as many articles as possible. The mass amount of content available today makes automated content curators necessary for your online marketing campaign.


Roosterly’s automated curation’s accuracy in text-mining ranges from 80% to 85%. Using our simple tools, you can easily add and remove terms and concepts that are relevant or irrelevant to your specified field. Moreover, our automated systems are very consistent in their annotations from one page to another.

Content Curated Automatically With Roosterly


A manual curator takes roughly one full day to review and annotate 20-25 pages of journals and articles, and that’s on a good day. In contrast, automated content curation can review millions of articles and journals with just a few clicks. This will help you easily produce timely, trendy, and highly relevant content that is currently being searched and read by viewers.

You can easily update your automated system if there ever is a need to change certain topics and concepts. With automated content curation, you can easily keep your content up-to-date and relevant to your audience.

Identifying Meaningful Relationships:

Rooster’s text-mining tools can accurately identify relevant relationships through its advanced aesthetics and linguistics programming. Abstracts can be quite vague and don’t necessarily provide enough information, unlike full-paged journals. Roosterly’s curation tool can read and identify relevant references just by reading their abstracts.

Personalized References:

Automated curators such as Roosterly, can do what most manual curators don’t. We allow you to review the data personally and let you decide which one to include or exclude in the references and annotation. So, you can easily personalize each reference without having to rely on anyone’s opinion but yours.

In conclusion, Roosterly’s automatic content curation tools will help you provide content that really matters. With such a wide net to cast, you will never run out of references. This can help you add more valuable information on your page. It will also allow you to personalize your web content. Therefore, developing your personal or corporate brand. Contact Roosterly today and start generating more leads and more revenue.



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