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A Look into Content Syndication as a Strategy

A Look into Content Syndication as a Strategy

Leading marketing experts strongly believe that the most important piece of your SEO strategy is the content. Without quality content, all your efforts in optimizing your page would just be for nothing. The problem is that while you can create your own fresh, and original content, doing so consistently for a long time can be a grind. The demand for a quality piece of content is always high so that you could easily burn out in your effort to satisfy such demand.

So how do you work around this? There are actually a myriad of strategies that business and site owners employ to meet the demand for constant updated content. Among these techniques is content syndication.

Content Syndication Marketing Strategies

How Content Syndication Works

Surly you have heard of this term. It’s not new to the marketing industry. In fact, it is a very old practice, especially in the broadcast industry. It is only recently that the strategy once again gains popularity, especially among online businesses.

In a nutshell, content syndication is the strategy where businesses and site owners would pay an agreed amount to post content that has been published elsewhereeither on a website or print media. The idea here is to provide fresh, and high-quality content without getting pressured into having to produce it on your own.

The whole strategy basically works two ways. The first is that you will be syndicating content from other sites and the second is you syndicate your content to other sites. Of the two, the latter is the one with the most benefits. Why is this? Because it will allow you to get your content reach out to a market you otherwise have no access to.

Content Marketing and Syndication Platform

Syndicating Content Across Social Media

If you are keen in expanding your reach beyond the number of followers that you have, it would be an excellent idea to tap into content syndication platforms. This will dramatically enhance your content marketing strategy. So what is the best content marketing and syndication platform?


Roosterly is considered today’s leader in content syndication. The best part of our service is the cost. This platform also allows you to extend your reach to a wide network of people. If your goal is to really extend globally, then this platform is for you.

What to Lookout For

Content syndication is an amazing strategy. The platforms and tools available for you are also great. The danger though lies on which and how much content you syndicate. It would be very tempting to syndicate as much of your content as possible. The more you syndicate, the more people you are able to reach.

However, you have to be very careful and moderate the amount of content you send out for syndication. Why? Because you want those people you were able to reach to find fresh and enriching content on your site. Content that has not been shared at all yet.

Syndication is a tested strategy. The tools available for you are great and would be doing most of the “heavy lifting” for you. If you are looking to grow your online presence, this strategy is worth looking into.


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