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4 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

4 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Content marketing for beginners can often feel like a roller coaster that will confuse a new marketer at every turn. There’s simply a lot of buzzwords and contradicting recommended best practices. Marketing content is extremely complex, so in this article we will share some tips for content marketing for beginners:

1. Understand Your Audience

Tips to the Best Content Marketing Strategy

Any successful marketing strategy starts with having a thorough understanding of the target audience. Knowing the target audience means understanding several things:

Usual hang outs
Pet peeves
Any other information pertinent to your marketing efforts

You need to understand how your audience thinks and behaves.

One way to do this is to conduct research online where your target audience usually hangs out. Places like discussion forums, threads, or social media groups. You also need to understand their in-group language and what they usually talk about. Then you will know the kinds of content that this audience wants.

2. Have a Written Content Strategy

One of the best content marketing tips is to write down your content strategy. Writing down a plan increases your chances of following through with it because you’ll have something to keep coming back to in case you’re feeling lost. Your content strategy will serve as your compass, so it needs to be specific and precise.

The strategy needs to have the following essential factors. Goals and objectives of your marketing content, buyer personas, your core messages, and intended media channel. Go crazy on specific details but remember to use accurate facts. Base your assumptions used on other channels to create concrete facts that you obtained in surveys and other methods to minimize mistakes along the way.

3. Help from Content Production and Marketing Sites

Everybody needs help sometimes, and content marketers are no different. Using content to market your brand involves a lot of processes – from research to production and everything in between. So having a little help from content sites will significantly help you. You do need to choose which sites are best for you. Roosterly is a site that helps professionals and small businesses thrive in social media by helping them build their personal brand. If that sounds like something you need, then our Roosterly professionals will be happy to assist you.

4. Produce Quality Content That Only You Can Offer

Content Marketing Strategy

There is tons of online content floating in the digital cloud. So how will your content stand out? You need to get creative to avoid using the same old tired articles on washed out topics. Add human interest by sharing personal stories that will interest your readers.

You can also offer a different perspective on an issue, make your readers think by providing unique ideas for innovation, or entertain and make them laugh so hard that they just have to share your content. Curate content and add your own personal insights or commentaries. These are the kinds of content that make a buzz.

Having a content marketing strategy and knowing your audience are both critical to a well-targeted content campaign. What will sustain your marketing efforts is the constant learning of what works and what does not work. The willingness to recruit help from content marketing sites like Roosterly, and produce content that will resonate with your readers. Content marketing for beginners takes a lot of work, but it sure is worth it for your business.


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