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3 Things We Can Learn from the Best Curated Content Sites

3 Things We Can Learn from the Best Curated Content Sites

Some of the most popular blogs and websites today consist more of curated articles than original content. This breaks the bubble for content marketers who thought that they needed to produce original content every time they need to publish.

So is this good news? Curated articles allow writers to come up with engaging and relevant content with less time and effort. That is basically like having the best of both worlds when it comes to quality and affordable content. However, just because it’s easier doesn’t mean it doesn’t still take work. There are ways to produce the best curated articles, and we can discuss some of the content curation best practices from the best curated content sites of this day:

1. Add Personal Insights with Your Curated Content

Best Curated Content Sites for Strategy

Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings is a madly popular blog among readers and writers alike. They publish three posts every day that is mostly curated content.

What makes this work is the added value given by Popova by injecting her ideas and insights about the topic. So the already thought-provoking materials are made even more intriguing by Popova’s commentaries.

Adding your insights to the curated articles is one of the best practices of content curation. Since it also allows you to highlight your voice despite using articles from other sources, this is a great option for readers.

You can also make the curated post easier for readers to digest by adding summaries of the article. Highlighting unique focus or perspectives, and adding key takeaways at the end of the post will leave readers with a general idea of the main points of the curated content.

2. Use Visual Elements

Best Curated Content Sites for Your Article Needs

Another one of the content curation best practices is using different media types such as photos, GIF, and videos. This is just used to add visual elements to your blog posts. This is how BuzzFeed, one of the curated content sites with the most visitors, adds thrill to their posted curated articles.

This makes their curated content more engaging for readers. Their articles just wouldn’t be the same without those funny GIFs and memes.

Studies also show that people retained 65% of the information that came with a relevant image compared to remembering only 10% of a post without an image. Infographics also receive more likes and shares on social media than any other content type.

These statistics underscore how visual elements impact audience engagement, so this one is definitely a must when curating pieces. Note: The key here is the word “relevant”; only relevant images should be used to avoid cluttering the post.

3. Get Help

Creative Marketing Ideas Using Curated Content Sites

Many of the best curated content sites don’t do all of the job themselves. Many get help from content curation platforms. What’s best about these platforms is there are variations for each type of client. For example, if you are a professional who wants to promote yourself on social media, you should contact Roosterly.

At Roosterly, we offer the best content curation platform out there, is perfect for all businesses. The people here at Roosterly know how to locate industry-specific content for any small business or professionals, so you’ll have a steady stream of relevant and useful content for your readers.

Key Takeaways:

Successful curated content sites show us that when content curation best practices are properly executed, content curation can help blogs and social media profiles grow in traffic and engagement.

Adding commentary and visual elements can go a long way in making sure your curated articles speak to your readers on a personal level. Getting help from content curation platforms like Roosterly also makes sense to save you even more time and energy. Keep in mind these content curation best practices to get the most of your content curation.


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