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3 Benefits of Content Curation on Your SEO Content Writing

3 Benefits of Content Curation on Your SEO Content Writing

Some bloggers and website owners are hesitant to increase their article curation posts. Their main worries are about how it may negatively affect their SEO ranking and negate all of their SEO efforts.

However, you can put those fears to rest because we now are 100% positive that content curation benefits SEO rankings in extremely surprising ways. When you find out just what SEO can do, you will immediately contact a content curating website and get right down to it.

Seo Content Writing for Your Business

Here Are 3 Ways Content Curation Benefits SEO Rankings:

1. It is an easy way to get your posts flowing. Search engines value websites with many, regularly scheduled posts. This is because it is a signal that the website is up-to-date and relevant. Article curation provides you an easy way to generate a quick but still high-quality article for your followers to enjoy. Some blogs also alternate publishing original articles and curated content to ease up the process and lessen the burden for writers.

Plus points:

The folks over at Hubspot found that businesses that published a minimum of 16 posts every month got almost thrice the traffic of businesses that posted between zero to four posts per month. So the more you publish the more traffic you’ll get over time. It doesn’t matter if the article posts are curated or original.

The Inner Workings of Seo Content Writing

2. Boosts your site’s authority. Content curation requires you to link back to the original site and present the content in a way that readers would want to read the whole text on the original site. Linking to high authority sites boosts your authority since it signals search engines that your site is connected to and is influenced by authoritative sites.

3. Allows you to optimize SEO content for long-tail keywords. Another way content curation benefits SEO ranking is by allowing you to optimize the curated posts for long-tail keywords. For example, if you’re going to curate articles about a specific topic such as curation tools for small businesses”, you’re going to naturally use long-tail keywords for that like “best content curation software for small businesses”. This actually optimizes the content for a narrow range of searchers.

Article curation works best when you have a particular topic in mind. Then you can locate valuable articles on that specific topic that readers may not otherwise find. This will give you plenty of opportunities to use targeted long-tail keywords for your SEO content.

When Should You Use a Content Curation Platform?

Seo Content Writing Will Increase Your Online Brand

There are several ways that article curation benefits SEO rankings, but sometimes even article curation takes time. When you find yourself juggling too many tasks at once, you will start missing posting schedules.

This means it’s time to use an article curation platform that will do the job for you. Roosterly is the best content curation platform for professionals and small businesses who want a constant flow of content but have little time to do it themselves.

A content curation platform can make the content generation process easier and take some of the pressure off of you.

Roosterly will address all your article curation posts to benefit your SEO ranking and supplement your SEO article writing activities. Contact Roosterly now to know more about how content curation benefits SEO ranking.


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